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Peer Intelligence | Spring 2024

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Getting ready for our 2024 Pension Administration Conference

By Yvette van Velsen

Our Pension Administration report is continuously evolving. In the last couple of years, we’ve added an IT security cost bucket and updated our service model to reflect the industry trend of digitization of pension administration services. The service score was changed to incorporate a ‘member journey’ to capture a more member-centric view. In some cases, thresholds to score full points have been adjusted. For example, ten years ago the call wait time threshold was set at 20 seconds. It moved to 60 seconds and is now 120 seconds to reflect the goal of resolving member requests at first contact.  

Our first conference was held in Columbus, Ohio, way back in 2000 with 15 plans participating and 65 staff attending. This year’s conference will be held in Denver and hosted by Colorado PERA. More than 55 plans and 150 attendees have registered. The conference agenda consists of a site visit to the co-host premises (who doesn’t want to have a peek in their peers’ kitchen?), presentations, and several breakout sessions. In between, ample time is scheduled to network with your peers. 


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Peer Intelligence | Spring 2024