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Peer Intelligence | Fall 2023

Note of PINterest

By Yvette van Velsen

Peer sharing: digital-first strategies to support pension administrators navigating their transformation journeys.

Over the last few years, we have all witnessed how the pandemic accelerated the shift towards digital-first strategies in pension administration. Plan members now shop, plan their trips, and do their banking, predominantly online. With this rise in digital adoption, members expect their pension plan to also offer digital tools more than ever. 

At CEM, we’ve made several changes to our service model to reflect this shifting landscape. Digital-related questions were included in our survey, but the focus remained on traditional transactions. After speaking with clients, collecting insights at our conferences, and learning from discussions on the PIN – we decided to make the following updates to our Pension Administration Benchmarking report:  

Metrics on digital member service, self-service, and targeted campaigns were added while also increasing the weights for these digital activities. We’ve also reflected the metrics by the four most common member journeys: active member, inactive member, retiring member, and annuitant experience journeys. These changes ensure that all efforts in a plan's digital transformation journey are accurately represented in our report. 

Are you interested in learning how your peers navigate the ever-changing pension admin world? We invite you to join the discussion on the PIN. Some relevant questions and presentations are linked below. Note that links are accessible to existing PIN users. 

1. One of the top pension plans in Europe and a customer experience leader in the CEM database started implementing customer journeys in 2015. In this presentation, they share how they’ve implemented their vision here

2. Join the discussion regarding engagement stats on newsletters and the targets around open/click-through rates started by one of our UK clients here

3. Watch our webinar on how email has played a vital role in driving member engagement for our client. Their strategy includes delivering mass marketing materials via email as well as proactive, personalized emails to smaller, targeted segments of their member population. 

4. Learn here how a North American client incorporated Lean Six Sigma into its Member Services processes and culture to achieve higher levels of service for their members, while lowering cost and increasing employee engagement.

5. A Canadian plan would like to know how other plans decided to handle cases of Power of Attorney (POA), Public Trustees, Designated/Assigned Payees (and/or Guardians), and their access to retiree pension web portals. Join the discussion here

If you would like to know more or receive access to the PIN, email me at, contact your relationship manager, or contact us here.

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Peer Intelligence | Fall 2023