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Welcome to Peer Intelligence

Dear reader:

Welcome to Peer Intelligence, our quarterly newsletter containing curated insights for institutional investors globally.

As you may know, over five hundred institutional investors have participated in at least one of our subscriptions. Each participant looks to understand their plan’s relative performance.

A subset of participants seeks and seizes opportunities to improve. Individuals at these plans look to understand the actions and outcomes of their peers more deeply. They want to make informed decisions for the benefit of plan members. This newsletter is for these plans.

In designing this newsletter, we have tried to connect with individuals who have varying focuses. Are you an executive or fiduciary? Check out our benchmarking in transparency reporting. An investment professional? Try applying insights from Chris’s Bps and Bites. A leader in Member Services? Explore our new Voice of the Member research. Looking for ways to expedite the completion of your survey? Perhaps JJ’s “Key Strokes” will help. You will find all these in each newsletter archive.

The newsletter was conceived through conversations with members of the CEM community. I hope that you both read with a critical eye and complete the poll at the bottom of this newsletter. If you aren't a subscriber yet, fill out the form below.

For our next release, we will preview the Global Reporting Standards for Institutional Investors. With the help of seven leading funds, we hope to improve reporting consistency and timeliness for institutional investors. It’s a daunting, exciting effort but it is leading the global charge for fairer and more robust reporting.

Thank you for reading,


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Rashay Jethalal, CEO